The journey into Empire continues as we look more closely at the Australia’s, and the difficult issues of landownership, native rights, and how land can tie to identity. I also cover the culture clash between the Europeans and the Indigenous Peoples. This is part 2, which covers more of the background of Empire in the Australia’s, the First & Second Fleets, the impact of liberalism and the difference in world views between the Europeans and the Indigenous Peoples, the lure of food, the battle for land, the place of science and the timeline leading to the early Victorian Era in the Australia’s. If you haven’t listened to pt1 yet, I suggest you do that before listening to this.

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EP027 Pt1 “Once I built a railroad”

Railway building was a great achievement of the Victorian Age, but railways are complicated and hard to build. This show covers the process and the people involved in building these incredible pieces of engineering. Pt 1 of this episode covers;

  • The kinds of labourer & builders.

  • Surveying and risks to historic sites.

  • Wordsworth and the Lake District.

  • Acts of Parliament and politicians on the take.

  • Equipment troubles

  • The navigators; hard work for hard men.

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Roll up your shirt sleeves, push back your top hat, and throw open your coat tails. It’s time to grab a bottle of gin, and seek riches or ruin as you learn about the history of gin in the Victorian era. Truly the drink of Empire…..or your personal ruin.

  1. Intro What is gin?
  2. Bombay Sapphire visit
  3. Manufacturing, propaganda and the British vs Dutch origins debate
  4. Invention is the mother of gin
  5. Ah a night out in London with Dickens
  6. Ruin and Empire.
  7. Gin, Tonics and the growth of the cocktail.
  8. Class matters – first last and always.
  9. What did I make?

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Summer heat wave is here, so it’s time for Fish & Chips. You love em. I love em. The Victorians invented them. Don’t scoff, instead join me for a gallop through the history of Victorian fish and chips. Learn why Dickens was the key as always, and how fish and chips fuelled the industrial revolution. Listen to one of Queen Victoria’s daily menu’s – not for the faint of heart or the approval of Prince Albert.

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