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We live in a world shaped by the deeds of our ancestors. For good or ill, they made the world of today.

The Age of Victoria Podcast is a monthly podcast that chronologically retells the history of the world in the nineteenth century through the eyes of the Victorians.

It was an age of change, progress, science, art, literature, war, poverty, horror and empire.

The show focuses on the real everyday people behind the great events, the philosophy and the causes, to open a door on a lost past that was very different from common stereotypes. This is not a dry run down of dates and battles; this is the past come to life.



I’m Chris Fernandez-Packham, creator and host of the Age of Victoria Podcast. I’m a big history fan, but not a professional historian. I did my undergraduate degree in Philosophy then went on to study post graduate law (CPE & LPC).

I joined the British Civil Service as a Presenting Officer, then moved to doing project management and IT delivery. Any views expressed on the show are entirely my own.


"I listen to a lot of history podcasts and this is one of my favorites. I've always been interested in the Victorian Era, but never had the chance to study it that closely. Great to learn more information about about this fascinating period. The host is knowlegable, winning, and clearly very enthusiastic about his subject matter. Really brings the material to life. It brightens my week when I see a new episode has been uploaded. Keep up the great work, Chris!"
Chris’s Age of Victoria podcast is so compelling, you become an instant history buff no matter what your background. Perhaps because Chris is a philosopher by training, he lets you understand not only what happened but why. He is impartial yet involved. He weaves stories with enthusiasm and well-researched objectivity. Recently, for example, he has embarked on the epic, often tragic story of Australia in the Victorian age. Despite living thousands of miles away and not having had an Australian upbringing, Chris penetrates the heart of the achievements and injustices of the Victorian colonial period. Or maybe it is because Chris is able to view these events from afar, and with his philosopher’s mind, that we are able to access this very considered and fair-minded view of Australia’s past. Chris has now produced several years’ worth of podcasts and his vivacity never flags. Onward and upward, Chris!
This podcast offers a fascinating and entertaining journey through the victorian era. Each episode is clearly the result of many hours of dedicated research. Being able to access such a well made resource both of information and entertainment for free is what makes podcasts so special. Please keep making it!
United Kingdom
I have always been very interested in the Victorian era and read a lot of fiction written during this time period. However, I really didn’t know the history and actual events that led up to and what occurred during the Victorian era, and this podcast is absolutely filling in that gap. I have recently been doing a lot of highway driving and I always make sure that before I leave, I have a good number of these podcasts downloaded to listen to on my long trips. I find them fascinating. Bravo Chris! Thank you for the thorough research and the time you take, not only investigate all of the details and provide different perspectives, but also to give us a glimpse of everyday life and not letting us forget that Victorian’s were people who were going through a lot of change and that it wasn’t always rosy. I can easily give this podcast a 5 out of 5!
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