AOV CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2017: “A Christmas Carol analysed”

Christmas Special 2017! Scrooge, Ghosts, Food, Tiny Tim. A real deep dive into the book that made Christmas……don’t miss it. Enjoy with a mince pie and something festive.


  • Why Dickens wrote it.
  • Finances.
  • Structure.
  • The text as a historical source.
  • Ghosts.
  • Economics.
  • Redemption.

Without Dickens, we wouldn’t have a lot of the modern emphasis on Christmas. He was a big part of the newly urbanised Victorians deciding to take a mid winter religious festival and turn it into a huge event. He gives us the idea of the communal big bash style Christmas. But underneath it all, is the chilling message from beyond the grave……uplift your fellow man or else!


As always, hope you enjoyed it. Please leave me a review on iTunes and do send me an email with any questions or comments. Merry Christmas to one and all.

Minisode 001 Musings on service & Dickens

This is the first mini-episode “Minisodes” These will be mini releases to give listeners extra content between the main episodes. They will cover various topics that interested me, caught my eye, or don’t fall in the neat chronology of the main show. They will also include community news and announcements. They will very much be a “as and when I feel the need”

The main show will continue to be released every 01 of the month.

This one has a short reading from Dickens and hints at my ongoing sadness at poor service in the UK!