January is here, and we are all feeling poor after Christmas. Time to talk about money. This is the first in a series of minisodes on Victorian money. To get things started we are looking at Victorian Coins. The age of gold, silver, sound money, and not having two farthings to rub together

  • Intro, thank you’s and reviews. 
  • Choosing a topic
  • Its pre-decimal so I’m going slightly mad
  • Remember this long list of coins
  • This is not a very difficult question – time for some maths
  • Some problems with the coins
  • A matter of design; florins, shillings, and silver six pence
  • A stunning Gothic Silver Crown
  • What’s money worth in tough times?
  • Looting the Summer Palace
  • Is imperial loot really priceless?
  • Victorian coins in practice
  • Victorian coins have some drawbacks
  • Liquidity, mental maths, and not enough change.

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MINI009 “A Victorian Scandal?”

Join me and decide who, if anyone was the truly scandalous one. The aristocrat? The banker? The Sporting Superstar? 

This is a minisode that is a stand alone episode on a scandal involving Beatrice Sumner and Charles Hoare in the very late Victorian period, plus why framing a narrative is dangerous when studying history.  What would you do to protect your daughter? What would you do to be with the man you loved?

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