How was Victoria coping with being Queen? She was intelligent, stubborn, cultured, but sometimes misguided and blinkered. Worse, the nation itself seemed fractured, bitter, and in danger of collapse. Her first two years as monarch showed the need for her to have a partner. Someone who could share the load, act as a lightning rod and shield on shoulder, and make the transition from partisan Queen to Monarch for the whole nation. There were some dangerous rocks in the waters and Victoria would have to learn to tread carefully as she made her steps on the journey to being the monarch that united the nation.

This show covers

  • Reviews and thank you’s

  • Lord Melbourne – brief biography

  • Introduce Sir Robert Peel

  • Situation of UK/Empire in 1830’s.

  • Chartism.

  • Lady Flora Hastings

  • Affair of the Bedchamber

  • Resolution

  • Victoria’s mental/physical state.

  • How Prince Albert helped.

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