Victorian Christmas Time! Mistletoe and Wine; listening to Podcast time.

This is a special episode for Christmas 2019. Learn about the hustle & bustle of the Victorian Christmas, with a focus on the games and entertainments. Find out how much effort people went to, then enjoy the bonus story on a special subject.

This show has

  • Victorian celebrations.

  • The postal service.

  • Games.

  • Music & the penny gaff.

  • Pretending to be respectable.

  • A big bonus.

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AOV CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2018 “Of traditions and ghosts”

Merry Christmas, join your host Chris Fernandez-Packham in learning about Victorian Traditions of the Earthly and Ghostly kind. Let me take you on a trip through history, busting myths about Christmas Trees, explaining how traditions came to be, some great events at Christmas, and of course a fireside story…..if you are brave enough.

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