Are you confused about your Lords & Dukes? Want to know why the Baron is always popping up? Wondering just what is the Duchy of Lancaster and why its so important? Want to know your Earls from your Marchioness’s? Worried about who gets to get to lead the dinner party when an Earl & a Prince pop over?

This minisode covers

The orders & rankings of the nobility & peerage

The role of the Queen

The Prince Consort

Details of the peerage

The baronets & knights

How to get into the peerage

Some notable cock ups

Historical exceptions designed to drive your host round the twist.

[also while I have used a lot of sources for this show, I highly recommend Elegant Etiquette in the Nineteenth Century by Mallory James; she’s written a fabulous & highly entertaining book]


Debretts Guide to the Peerage

Burkes Peerage

Steinbech, S “Understanding the Victorians”

McCahill, Michael W. “Peerage Creations and the Changing Character of the British Nobility, 1750-1830.” The English Historical Review, vol. 96, no. 379, 1981, pp. 259–284.

Hanham, H. J. “The Sale of Honours in Late Victorian England.” Victorian Studies, vol. 3, no. 3, 1960, pp. 277–289.

James, Mallory. “Elegant Etiquette in the C19th”

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2nd anniversary special – our first murder?

Happy 2nd Anniversary This is my look back on the last two years, a lot of thank you’s, some listener questions and our first murder?

Two years of podcasts. Time to celebrate with a Victorian murder; you’ve all been asking for one for ages, so here you are.

Don’t forget to make some cake and drink some tea whilst you listen as we: 

1. start with thank you’s and reflections on the last two years.

2. then a few listener questions.​

3 . cover a murder that shocked the Victorians; a murder that showed how fast the Victorian police could investigate a crime, cover a little bit of the trial, then finally the impact of prison. Oh and that tiny little thing that changed it all…….

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