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Daguerreotype “Peasant Woman & Child” Félix Jacques Moulin

Peasant woman with children: photographer Felix Jacque Moulin 1855

Moulin was, like Braquehais mostly known for his female nudes. These were called Academies and used for artists. Moulin skated the line with pornography and was jailed for a month for the possession and sale of obscene objects. He was released and continued his photographic career. He travelled and took photo’s, as well as photographing domestic French scenes. This scene is interesting as an illustration of French female working class dress. From the pigeon’s and mess it is likely that it really was an outdoor photo, rather than staged indoors.


This anniversary is a memorable event and naturally deserves to be photographed by the paparazzi. But what was the story of the invention of the photograph, and how did it become a Victorian icon? A story filled with invention, persistence, a lot of daring do, and possibly holding back some manly tears. Not to mention artistic nudes, pioneering thinking from governments, lots of chemicals and real dedication. 

 This episode covers. 

  • Intro & reviews.
  • Some all time great photographs.
  • The veil of history.
  • Early steps towards photography.
  • No invention is a vacuum.
  • The Daguerreotype and patents
  • Henry Fox Talbot & the Calotype.
  • The Collodion process
  • Photography spreads out around the world.
  • What was photography for?
  • Photography in India.
  • The unflappable Samuel Bourne.
  • Yes, but it it art?
  • The female nude.
  • It’s not just naked women; other uses for photographs.
  • The artist creates the truth by destroying it; making fake photos for art.
  • What is art, truth and how did all this matter?
  • A plea for support
  • Thank you’s.
  • The Daguerreotype and patents

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