• Welcome, everyone, to The Age of Victoria Podcast!
  • Today marks a special milestone – our 7th anniversary!
  • I’m incredibly grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm over the years.
  • In this celebratory episode, we’re diving into a fascinating topic: the reality of Sherlock Holmes, despite his fictional origins.
  • We’ll also explore the core of Holmes’ character and finish off with my top 5 Sherlock Holmes movies and TV series.

Segment 1: Is Sherlock Holmes Real?

  • Discussing the intriguing philosophical question: Can a fictional character be considered real?
  • Exploring the concept of “literary realism” and how Sherlock Holmes has transcended fiction to become a cultural icon.

Segment 2: The Core of Sherlock Holmes’ Character

  • Analyzing the essential traits that make Sherlock Holmes an enduring character:
    • His unparalleled intellect and powers of observation.
    • The importance of his friendship with Dr. John Watson.
    • Holmes’ unique personality quirks and eccentricities.
    • The moral and ethical dimensions of his detective work.
  • Discussing how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle developed Holmes’ character through the stories.
  • The evolution of Holmes over time and his adaptability to different eras and media.

Segment 3: My Top 5 Sherlock Holmes Movies and TV Series

  • Sharing my personal favorites and why they stand out:
    1. Jeremy Brett (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, 1984-1994 Granada TV Series) – Featuring the iconic and definitive portrayal of Holmes.
    2. Peter Cushing (Various adaptations, including Hammer Films and BBC series) – Known for his intense and meticulous interpretation of the character.
    3. Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes, 2009 Film) – Directed by Guy Ritchie, showcasing a dynamic and action-packed Holmes.
    4. Ian Richardson (The Sign of Four, 1983 & The Hound of the Baskervilles, 1983 TV Films) – Bringing a classic and sophisticated portrayal to the small screen.
    5. Tom Baker (The Hound of the Baskervilles, 1982 BBC TV Film) – Offering a unique and memorable take on Holmes, distinct from his Doctor Who fame.
  • Discussing the strengths and unique interpretations of each adaptation.
  • Encouraging listeners to share their favorite Holmes adaptations and why they love them.


  • Wrapping up with a heartfelt thank you to all the listeners who have supported the podcast over the past seven years.
  • Inviting feedback and suggestions for future episodes.
  • Reminding everyone to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast.


  • Thank you for joining me on this special 7th anniversary episode of The Age of Victoria Podcast.
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