EP023 Politics; the Whigs & the Reform Act 1832

Are you eager for reform? What to change the establish? Shake up the old order? Surely the time has come to join the Whig party then? This show covers the Whigs in the 1820’s & 1830’s and the land mark Great Reform Act 1832. British politics was changing rapidly and Victoria was at the cusp of the Throne. The struggles of the Whigs would help determine the political establishment for years into Victoria’s reign.

This episode covers

  • The difficulties of adopting a unbiased view of past politics

  • The Whigs world view

  • Why reform & being progressive isn’t always a good thing.

  • The Scottish counterpoint

  • The philosophy of reform & the great debate

  • Wiliam IV’s role.

  • Impact on Slavery

  • Victoria benefits

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