EP029 “The Court of King Cholera – the great Victorian plague” explores one of the most famous pandemics in history. There was horror, death, and a little hope. Many bad decisions, anger and mistrust, but also groundbreaking science. When disease strikes it is easy to think humanity is levelled and we all stand together – does history prove this is true?

This show covers

  • Reviews and thank you’s

  • The initial panic of cholera?

  • Mt Tambora and the first pandemic

  • Poverty and failure.

  • Official corruption, murderous doctors and anti science mobs.

  • The dawn of the Victorian era in the time of Cholera.

  • What is the cause? Is it something in the air?

  • The lowest point – horror show at the orphanage.

  • The Doctors Strike Back.

  • Onwards and upwards, or a warning from history?

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