Why yes, we will be asking what Victoria did with Albert. We will be asking about the how’s and why’s of Victorian sex & sexualities. There’s a lot to say, so we are getting started with just how reserved were they really, and did the have a lot of sex?

This episode covers.

  • Intro & reviews.
  • General biology
  • Darwin & sex
  • Public health – a deceiving lens
  • No, people really do like sex.
  • Poor Bonny Bet
  • A porn writer remembers…….

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  1. Thomas Phillips says:

    I feel compelled to comment favorably on episode 043 about Victorian mores and sex habits if only because I’m sure some will take to their fainting couches when they listen to it, though they were duly warned ahead of time. Thank you Mr. Fernandez-Packham for this blast of refreshing cool air driving away the years of accumulated ignorance and condescension regarding the Victorians and sex. Mores change but people do not, and your sane, sensible attitude and relaxed acceptance of this crucial aspect of human nature and experience is very welcome., bravo! The Victorians, in short, were a lot like you and me, but without benefit of enlightened sex education or birth control.

    1. Thank you, I’m really glad you liked it. I’ve always believed in humanising the past as much as possible is the best way to understand it, rather and it seems especially important when it comes to sexual attitudes.

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