Episode 002 Napoleon and the French Army in 1815

In this episode I indulge my passion for Napoleonic history, and explore my fascination with Napoleon. I cover the great gamble of his return from exile, his struggles, the options available to him, and that magnificent instrument of war…..the French Army.

This show covers

  • The benefits and cost of ambition.

  • Napoleon’s gamble to retake the French throne.

  • The position of France, and the role of navies. 

  • Rebuilding the French army, and what strategy to use?

  • Davout, Ney, Soult and Grouchy – the Marhals.

  • The musket; the infantryman’s best friend, and killer.

  • How to form up to die.

  • The cavalry – The Big Boots

  • The artillery – Napoleon’s daughters

  • The Emperor’s first moves.

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1 comment on “Episode 002 Napoleon and the French Army in 1815

  1. Janice clark says:

    Well done C.J. good luck with this. A fascinating insight

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