In this episode I’ll delve into the fascinating world of Prince Albert, the consort to Queen Victoria. I’ll explore his significant role in transforming Buckingham Palace, his artistic endeavors, his influential involvement in redecorating the Houses of Parliament, and the controversial dismissal of Baroness Lehzen.

In the early 19th century, Buckingham Palace was in a state of disrepair. Prince Albert, however, had a grand vision for the royal residence. He saw it not only as a home for the monarchy but as a symbol of British culture and innovation.

Prince Albert’s reforms included architectural updates, the incorporation of modern amenities, and a focus on art and culture within the palace walls.

Prince Albert’s influence extended beyond Buckingham Palace. His involvement in the extensive redecoration of the Houses of Parliament left an indelible mark on the iconic building. Learn about the aesthetic choices, architectural improvements, and the political implications of Prince Albert’s contributions to the Houses of Parliament.

In a surprising turn of events, we’ll discuss the controversial decision by Prince Albert to dismiss Baroness Lehzen, Queen Victoria’s trusted governess and advisor. Uncover the reasons behind this decision, the impact it had on the royal household, and the reactions from Queen Victoria and the court. This episode will explore the political intrigues surrounding this event, and his first huge argument with the Queen, with its implications for the monarchy.

I will also take you through the birth of the unique British art scene in the early Victorian era, the importance of Raphael and Fresco’s, and the influence of William Dyce, as British art steps onto the world stage.

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These are some key works that give a flavour of the range of works in the Romantic movements around Europe. I will add to this gallery from time to time. It is important to remember the impact that paintings had on culture. They were not separate, but far more entwined with mainstream events; Liberty Leading the People was a striking political statement, and has become iconic. The Slave Ship by Turner was just as much a political statement; he painted it to encourage Prince Alberts opposition to the horrors of the slave trade. The Romantic movement transcended borders and allowed a rich cross-fertilisation of ideas in art, poetry, music, science, literature, philosophy, archaeology and government.