EP030 3rd Anniversary Special: Victoria & Albert -a Royal and a Romantic.

The podcast is 3 years old, so time for Victoria and Albert to become a couple. One of histories famous romances and two names that almost define the age. Yet it was a strange road that brought them together. In this show we look at Queen Victoria’s tricky love life, the problems of being a royal celebrity, meet some of Prince Alberts competition, and learn how they finally came to meet. But was it love at first sight?

Gallery of Romanticism Key Works

This show covers

  • Reviews and thank you’s for 3 years

  • The importance of the German Romantic movement.

  • The problems of a royal marriage.

  • A woman? As Queen? What would the Bible say?

  • Immaturity and dynastic tangles.

  • Stalking Victoria.

  • Enter Prince Albert, stage right.

  • Duke Alex, boxes of bling, and heartbreak.

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These are some key works that give a flavour of the range of works in the Romantic movements around Europe. I will add to this gallery from time to time. It is important to remember the impact that paintings had on culture. They were not separate, but far more entwined with mainstream events; Liberty Leading the People was a striking political statement, and has become iconic. The Slave Ship by Turner was just as much a political statement; he painted it to encourage Prince Alberts opposition to the horrors of the slave trade. The Romantic movement transcended borders and allowed a rich cross-fertilisation of ideas in art, poetry, music, science, literature, philosophy, archaeology and government.