Details on Queen Victoria’s coronation are available, but the event is often skimmed over in popular histories on the topic. I touched on her coronation in episode 24, and used the following sources to provide a favour of the day. Tracking down the musical and Order of Service was tricky, but luckily some dedicated Circular in 1902 had gone to a lot of trouble to do a detailed reconstruction, and I’m really glad about that. I will add to this list when I do a future deep dive into the coronation.

In addition to those, I consulted the usual general sources on Victoria that are listed in the sources for episodes on Victoria’s early life.


The time has come. Victoria must weather the final crisis on her way to the throne. Join me for an exciting conclusion to Victoria’s childhood where she finds out if she has iron in her soul.

This show has

  • Continuation of her teenage years.

  • Relationships with King William IV.

  • The state of the monarchy.

  • Victoria’s desperate crisis.

  • Ascending the throne.

  • Coronation and triumph.

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In Ep20 pt 2 we continue our journey through Queen Victoria’s childhood education. Pt2 explores the specifics of education, what she learnt, and crucially, how her education would fit her into the increasingly strict and complex Victorian class system. It wasn’t easy being “the girl who will be Queen.” It also covers her relationship with her ally and mentor Uncle Leopold, King of Belgium.

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EP020(pt1) Why educate a Queen?

In Ep20 pt 1 we continue our journey through Queen Victoria’s childhood. In this 2 part show you will see how Victoria was educated; as a child, but also as a future Queen. She joined an elite group of people who could read and write, but she had a huge weight of expectation to live up to.

Ep20 pt1 explores the philosophy of education to see why a Queen needed to be educated. It sets her education in the context of the 1820’s/1830’s and compares it to the experience of regular children. It also covers how this fitted in with the arrival of Victoria’s governess, and long term ally, Louise Lehzen. It wasn’t easy to educate a queen, but then again education was a rare thing.

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EP019 Queen Victoria’s childhood pt1 “Life can be fragile”

Join your host Chris Fernandez-Packham for the first part of our series on Queen Victoria’s childhood. She was growing up at a time when life was fragile at best for children; between disease, poverty and murder, reaching adulthood was not guaranteed. Victoria had to face, an uncle who wanted to usurp the throne, a power hungry mother, and a corrupt household advisor called Sir John Conroy who hungered for money and power…..

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